Wondering how to make money by selling feet pics and videos?

Well, we have created a platform called ‘Earnwithfeet.com to help Feet creators across the world earn money online.

As the name of our website suggests, it is dedicated to Feet Creators only.

There are tons of people who use platforms like FeetFinder, FunWithFeet, FeetPics, Feetloversonly, Feetify and others to sell feet pictures and videos online.

But the number of Feet Creators would have increased manifold if there was a site like Earnwithfeet.

A lot of people wish to make money online by selling pictures and videos of their feet but they could not begin because of the lack of guidance.

With that in mind, we created a website where we will not only cover websites or apps to sell feet pics but also share our experience of the same.

Notably, I have been making tons of money every month by selling feet pictures on multiple platforms.

The average monthly income I earn by selling feet pictures is $3500.

Notably, you can also earn a lot of money if you follow our advice seriously.

Is Selling Feet Pics Legit?

Before you create an account on sites like FeetFinder or Funwithfeet to sell feet pics, let me tell you that there are some countries where selling feet pics is not allowed.

If you live in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Germany, Brazil and other countries, you can sell photos of your feet as long as you are 18 or older.

Selling pictures of your feet is legal does not mean that it is totally safe. There are plenty of Feet Creators who took to platforms like Reddit and Twitter complaining about the scam.

If you want to sell feet pics without getting scammed, you need to follow the advice we have mentioned in the later part of this post.

Should I Sell Feet Pics Online?

Selling feet pics and videos is a kind of job and you must consider it a job as well. If you have a good job and don’t need a side hustle to make some extra money, I would not recommend you to do this.

But, if the amount of money you earn through your 9 to 5 job is not enough to meet your need, you can give it a try.

If you want to begin selling feet pics online, I advise you to do it as a side job because getting sales in this side hustle is not that easy.

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Once you start getting sales, increase the time, effort and posts on the platform you are selling feet photos on.

The best thing about this side hustle is it does not need you have to a degree, skills or a beautiful face.

The only thing you need to have is a Mobile phone and cute feet. Once you start making money, you can hire a professional photographer to click photos of your feet in different poses.

Here are some reasons why you should start selling pictures of your feet:

  • Feet pictures are high in demand.
  • It does not need you to have a college degree.
  • As soon as your turn 18, you can start selling feet pictures online.
  • You can do it from your home.
  • You can start selling feet pics without any investment.
  • There are plenty of platforms where potential buyers are available.
  • It can be done with your full-time job.
  • You can do this without unleashing your actual identity.
  • More

Can I Make $100/Day Selling Feet Pics Online?

Yes, you can earn $100 a day selling feet pics but it takes time like other businesses. I know a bunch of people who have been making between $5000 to $10,000 monthly by selling feet pics.

As I mentioned above, I have been making a lot of money by selling pictures of my feet on FeetFinder and other platforms.

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But I got my first sale after six months of constantly posting pictures and videos on social media and feet pics websites.

If you have just started or wish to begin this side hustle, you must follow the advice mentioned below.

Tips & Tricks To Sell Feet Pics Online

There are tons of people who wish to make money selling feet pics but are struggling to get their first sale.

If you are one of those users then don’t worry, I have shared some tips and tricks that have worked great for me.

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Note: Like other businesses, selling feet pics requires an investment as well.

Here are some tips and tricks that helped me make money selling feet pictures online:

  • Notably, you can’t start making money from day one.
  • Apart from uploading images and videos of your feet on social media and websites like FeetFinder, Funwithfeet and others, you need to engage with the audience and show them why should they buy your content.
  • Research the extensive variants of how deep foot fetish goes. Ex: Smelly/sweaty, Giantess, Findom/slave/worship, Humiliation, Crushing, Food play, Shoes/dangling play… and more.
  • Make sure to target buyers with the help of their bio or review.
  • Read buyer’s reviews to find out what actually they are looking for and drop them a message with a couple of photos related to their bio.
  • Make sure to create a Gallery of 15 photos because nobody is going to buy 1 picture and don’t forget to unblur the first photo for a preview.
  • I usually charge for a bundle between $5 to $15 based on the type of photo.
  • Use a boost to get a lot of people on your page. I usually use Boost on Friday or Saturday and don’t run it at the end of the month.
  • During the boost, make sure to upload a bunch of good photos and videos of your feet to grab people’s attention.
  • Don’t ignore people who view your profile. They might be shy to ask for your services.
  • Message profile viewers and ask them to follow.
  • Show your face and feet in a profile picture, people want a personable experience and want to know who they are buying from.
  • Don’t sell pictures and videos to people who have no reviews.
  • Push for custom requests and ask what they usually pay, and take full details of what they want. Don’t be shy to ask ‘How much do you usually pay’?
  • Offer people an exchange of an ‘extra naughty vid/pic’ in a message for a tip.
  • Check-in with your buyers when you see them online, repeat business is key.
  • If you are open to it, make some naughtier content with more showing not everyone is open to it, but don’t knock others for what works for them.
  • Be persistent and consistent, as above this is extremely hard work and takes patience and learning, if you are looking for an easy quick fix — then this is not for you.

Is Selling Feet Pics Dangerous?

No, selling feet pics online is not a dangerous task if you take all precautions. There are some safe platforms like FeetFinder or Funwithfeet where you can buy or sell feet pics safely.

Irrespective of which platform you choose to make money selling feet pictures, if you want to sell feet pics without getting scammed, you must hide your real identity, use a safe or reliable payment method, take payment in advance, watermark your images and pay attention to your surrounding and more.

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If you want to begin this side hustle, I advise you to choose either FeetFinder or Funwithfeet because they provide a safe environment.

If you use other platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Onlyfans and others, chances are high that you might get scammed.

Pros And Cons Of Selling Feet Pics

Like other businesses, selling feet pics does have some pros and cons. If you have just started this side hustle or wish to begin it in the future, you must know the pros and cons of selling feet pictures.


  • Selling feet pics can make you $5000 a month.
  • It can be started with no budget.
  • It can be done from the comfort of your home.
  • You can do this with your full-time job.
  • It is fun and exciting.
  • It can help you build self-confidence
  • Feet pics are currently in high demand.


  • There is no fixed income.
  • You could get scammed by customers.
  • People could use your picture for bad purposes.
  • It is not a reputable occupation.
  • You need to keep checking DMs.
  • You need to pose based on the customer’s demand.

How to Sell Feet Pics Online For Money?

Now, you must be wondering how to sell feet pics and make money online. When it comes to beginning this side hustle, the first and foremost thing is choosing the right platform.

In the later part of this post, we will enlist some of the best platforms to make money selling feet pics.

Regardless of which website or app you select, you need to follow the steps mentioned below to sell pictures of your feet.

  • First, select a safe and secure platform (I recommend using either FeetFinder or Funwithfeet).
  • Once selected, sign up and verify your identity.
  • Once verified, research the types of pics that feet buyers love the most.
  • Now, take high-quality pictures of your feet and upload them on the chosen platform.
  • Make sure your profile picture has your face or feet because buyers want a personable experience and wish to know whose photos they are buying.
  • Create an album of 10 or more photos and unblur a couple of them to preview because nobody is going to purchase without seeing your feet.
  • Don’t expect people to come flooding to buy your feet pics, you have to engage and show why they should buy your photos and videos.
  • Don’t hesitate to offer custom shots based on their preferences.
  • To get a tip, offer your client an exchange of extra naughty pictures and videos and build a loyal customer base.
  • This will help you make more money.
  • Now, you need to rinse and repeat.
  • That’s it.

Best Websites To Sell Feet Pics Online

When you search for websites to make money selling feet pictures on the internet, you might get a huge list.

Unfortunately, the majority of sites available on the internet don’t have potential buyers. Yes, they might allow you to upload pictures and videos of your feet but how would you make money if there are no buyers available?

With experience, I have learned that people who usually purchase pictures and videos of foot pics choose a safe and secure platform because they don’t want to get scammed.

Websites like FeetFinder or Funwithfeet have plenty of potential foot buyers and to sell feet pics on these platforms, you need to purchase their subscriptions.

Here are some of the best platforms to sell feet pics online:

  • FeetFinder 
  • FunWithFeet 
  • OnlyFans 
  • Instafeet 
  • Feetify 
  • AllThingsWorn 
  • DollarFeet 
  • Feetpics.com 
  • Etsy 
  • Personal E-Commerce Website 
  • Craigslist 
  • Unsplash 
  • Shutterstock
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Reddit
  • Facebook
  • Snapchat 

How Much Should I Charge For Feet Pics Online?

You have to charge feet pics based on the quality, uniqueness, nu*ity, and number of photos you are selling.

If you have just started selling feet pics, I advise you to sell a couple of photos for $5 to grab the client’s attention.

Once you have got enough clients, offer them custom shots and demand a higher price.

The average price of feet pics on FeetFinder is between $5 to $15 and on FunWithfeet is $10 to $30.

A FeetFinder user named Lickmysoles91 revealed that she made $1387 in sales ($1149 profit). It should be noted that the stats were shared when she was only two months old on the platform.

You can search for her username and analyse the type of content she posts on FeetFinder. Notably, she often uses boosts to get a lot of people on her FeetFinder profile.

If you take a look at her profile, she has kept the price of her feet pics between $5 to $15.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

In the FAQ section, we try to answer all basic questions related to selling feet pics for money.

Q1. Is Selling Feet Pics Legit?

Ans: Yes, selling feet pics is legit as long as you are 18. Since it is not a reputable occupation, I advise you to hide your real identity.

Q2. Where Can I Sell Feet Pincs Online?

Ans: The list of platforms where you can sell feet pics and videos is endless but we will only recommend a bunch of sites — Funwithfeet, FeetFinder, Feetify, Onlyfans and Etsy.

Q3. Are There Any Apps To Sell Feet Pics?

Ans: Yes, there are multiple apps where you can sell pictures of your feet for money. The name of some legit apps is — Foap, Whisper, Snapchat, Reddit, and Instagram.

Q4. Do I Need To Pay Taxes on Feet Pics Income?

Ans: The answer is YES. Like other businesses, you need to pay taxes on the amount you earned by selling feet pics.

Q5. FeetFinder Vs FunWithFeet – Which One Is The Best?

Ans: It is pretty difficult to decide between FeetFinder or Funwithfeet because these are the two platforms I use the most.

If I have to decide between these two, I would choose FeetFinder. I have been making money from both platforms but I love to post pictures and videos on FeetFinder because they have a lot of potential buyers.

Q6. How to Sell Feet Pics Without Getting Scammed?

Ans: It is one of the most searched questions on the internet. Whenever a person joins platforms like FeetFinder or Funwithfeet, the first question they search on the internet is this question.

If you really want to sell feet pics without getting scammed, I advise you to hide your real identity, watermark your photos and videos, take advance payment, and don’t share your phone number or email with buyers.

Q7. Can I Use FeetFinder If I Live Outside of the US?

Ans: Yes, you can use FeetFinder almost anywhere in the world. Irrespective of whether you live in the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, the Philippines, Indonesia or other parts of the world, you can use FeetFinder and sell feet pics.

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Q8. What Are The Best FeetFinder Alternatives?

Ans: Feetfinder is a great platform to sell feet pics but if you are looking for its alternatives then you can use Funwithfeet, Feetify, Onlyfans and others.

Q9. How to Become A Seller on FeetFinder?

Ans: To become a FeetFinder seller, you only need to visit its official site and sign up. Once done, purchase either a basic or premium subscription and start uploading pictures.

Make sure to select a unique username or write a catchy bio and upload a bunch of pictures for preview.

Once done, buyers will approach you and ask you to purchase feet pics and videos.

Q10. How to Delete FeetFinder Account?

Ans: To delete or remove your Feetfinder account, first visit and log into to FeetFinder. Once logged in, click on the FeetFinder logo and then go to Delete Account.

When you click on the Delete Account option, you will be asked to delete the account. To confirm the action, click on the Ok button.